Our new normal

So, before I jumped back into blogging my most recent sessions and weddings, I thought it only appropriate to explain why I HAVEN'T been blogging.

Meet Declan.

I knew life with two kids and our crazy schedule was not going to be easy, but wow.  Friends, we got knocked for a loop.  This guys cries.  A lot.  Like 18-20 hours a day.  So much that the sweet little thing can't keep his weight up.  Around 4 weeks old, we learned he had reflux.  Since then, it's been medicines, doctors visits, lab work, weight checks and more crying (on both of our ends).  This friends, is our new normal.

All that being said, I can tell you that the good days are finally outnumbering the bad.  He has the happiest, shiniest eyes you've ever seen.  And when he smiles or laughs, or "talks" to his big brother....it's worth it.  Its so, so worth it.

So, I'm incredibly sorry for the silence over here but as you can see, my hands have been crazy full.

You can bet that when we have "good" days, I'm snapping away, so enjoy a few of my favorites from the last 12 weeks and stayed tuned because the blog is going to be busy in the coming months!!

My sweet Mama with Declan just after he was born.

Colton meeting his new brother for the first time.  I don't think he knew what to expect.

Colton LOVES being a big brother :)

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  1. Oh gosh, that last one was ADORABLE!!! Enjoy your little men, they grow up too fast <3

    ~* Judith *~