Maddy & Greg: Sharp Rock Vineyards Wedding

Have you ever met someone with a smile and love so contagious, you can't help but be happy when you're around them?  That's the best way I can describe Maddy & Greg.  From my few phone conversations and one in person meeting, I thought maybe it was just me.  That maybe we just clicked.  But then, I met their friends and family and realized, they have this effect on everyone.  Even the owner of the vineyard was telling me how much he's enjoyed working with them.  In an impromptu, late night speech by one of the groomsmen, he talked about how, after knowing Maddy for a while, he finally worked up the courage to ask her, "why are you so happy all the time?!?"  Her response?  "Why not?  Life is good."

I love this about Maddy and Greg.  They are one of the sweetest, kindest couples I have ever worked with.  They choose to find joy in everything around them.  They added beautiful, personal touches to every detail of their wedding, making it a dream to capture.

Maddy and Greg, thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to document this beautiful love of yours.  Enjoy a few of my favorites!!

Maddy's wedding dress was her Grandma's gown from her wedding night!

Maddy and Greg chose to do a first look and I love their reaction to seeing each other!  We had ample time for portraits before and after the ceremony!

Who doesn't love a couple that's willing to get in the creek on their wedding day?!?

Maddy does this tiny, natural bend at the waist every time Greg kisses her.  It's swoon-worthy.  I never once told him to dip her!

Some yummy treats from Georgetown Cupcake.

An amazing dinner of wood fired pizza, veggies and salad was provided by Pizzeria Moto.

Greg and Maddy's cocktail hour consisted of a wine tasting bar filled with their favorite wines.  In front of each wine, they explained why it was important to them.  I'm telling you, personal touches to EVERY detail.

Each table was named after a place that held some importance to the couple.  Maddy's mother is a water color artist and created a beautiful picture for each table depicting the location.  Greg's mother created the gorgeous stained glassed candle holders for each table.  Talk about a talented family!!

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  1. Beautiful images ... you did such a wonderful job retelling our day! We loved working with you so much, thank you!!!