Samantha & Stosh: Stonewall Golf and Country Club Wedding

I've said it before but some times I feel like I can't say it enough.  I have the best clients.  I show up at weddings, usually only knowing the bride and groom, and maybe their parents, if they joined them at their consultation.  I leave feeling like I'm part of their family.  Sam and Stosh's Stonewall Golf and Country Club was no different.  

Fresh off of maternity leave, I had been looking forward to shooting their wedding for months.  But, I'll be honest.  In my months off with my new baby, I started questioning where I was at in my career.  Were weddings really something I wanted to continue with?  Should I just shoot the remainder of weddings I had booked and throw in the towel?  Don't get me wrong, I never faltered in my love for my camera or photography.  But, I felt like it was becoming impossible (and exhausting) to compete in an over-saturated market.  Then I shot Samantha and Stosh's wedding.  And I remembered why I love this so much.  They  reminded me why it's worth the competition and late nights of editing.  Looking back now, I realize, I needed their wedding.  I left that night with a full heart, overflowing with inspiration and new ideas and looking forward to the future of HJP.  For that, Sam and Stosh, I thank you!  Enjoy a little preview of your beautiful day and thank you SO much for choosing me to be a part of it!!


Sam, your hair!  I die, seriously.  You are too gorgeous!!

 I love that Stosh wrote Samantha a little note on a guest check from the bar!

 Husband and wife!!!

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