Andrew & Alyssa: Stonewall Golf Club Wedding

The sheer length of this post is ridiculous......to the point of embarassment.  But some time around 3am this morning I finally decided that it's my blog and if I want to show 500 photos in one post, then that's exactly what I'm going to do.  When you see these pictures, you'll understand my dilemma. 

It was near impossible to choose what should make this post.  A gorgeous bride + insane attention to details + crazy fun family and friends + peak fall colors + one madly in love couple = one gorgeous wedding (and one really, really happy photographer).

You may remember Andrew and Alyssa and their crazy "how we met" story from their Capitol engagement session in Washington DC.  If you liked their engagement session, you're going to love their Stonewall Golf Club Wedding.  So, grab a cup of coffee and sit back because you're going to be here for a while......

The cake topper was Alyssa's Grandparents' cake topper at their wedding - how great is that??

Alyssa's bridesmaids hadn't seen her dress yet so she asked them to step out while her Mom and sister helped her dress.  We then ushered them back in with their eyes closed and got this shot when they opened their eyes and saw Alyssa for the first time.  I may start doing this at every wedding, loved it!

As always, thanks to Becca Watkins for her lighting know how, detail shots and golf cart driving skills.....if you want to call them that....

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  1. Absolutely fantastic! I completely LOVE these:) so nice meeting you tonight!!!