Apple Picking Goodness

It's been busy.  The kind of busy that leaves you not knowing which way is up.  The kind that leaves you trying to remember the last time you kissed your husband (don't worry, I've since taken care of that).

So, when my sister in law invited us to tag along on my niece's field trip to Stribling Orchard, I jumped at the opportunity for a little family time.  Almost an after thought, I grabbed my camera while running out the door.  I didn't intend to take many pictures but seeing how much fun our little man was having with some of his favorite people, had me snapping away most of the day.

It was perfect, just what our little family needed.  And I'm so happy that my camera just happened to be sitting there by the door on our way out.


I'm so glad I have photographic evidence of them actually working together for something for once in their lives.  

When people find out we're having another boy, they always say "Aww, that's too bad, are you disappointed?"  What?!?  No!!  I love being a mommy to a little boy and plus I have 5 of the cutest nieces ever.  As seen below :)

I will faint the day my husband acts serious in a picture.  Kind of why I love him though.

Lacey: "Stop!  I think I see a bear!"