Today you are three. 
You are light as a feather and smart as a whip.  
You are known as "Bug", shortened from Lacey-bug over the last 3 years. 
Overnight you went from a sweet dark haired newborn to an independent, light haired little girl.  You love make up, dress up, princesses and all things pink. 
Your baby sister joins us in December and we love asking you her name.  To date, we have: Soda, Santa, Aba, Chopper, Christine, Lacey and Tyler (?). 
PS - I don't think your Mommy is naming your baby sister ANY of these names :) 
You have an amazing memory.
You loooovvvvee to talk.
You are so incredible and I will work my hardest to make sure you always know this. 
I am so, so proud of the amazing little 3 year old you've become and I hope you always know that no matter what your Aunt Heff loves you like crazy!

Happy Birthday Bug, I hope you get all the pink presents you could ever wish for!

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