Osbourn Park Senior: Cole

So, I know it's not typical to do a Senior session AFTER graduation but I didn't want to miss the chance to get a few shots of Cole.  He's been a surrogate little brother since he was born, growing up just 3 houses down.  He was the first kid I babysat (that ended the night his parents came home to an ambulance in front of the house....long story, he's fine as you can see).  His sister's wedding was the first wedding I ever shot solo.  Our families have been together through countless weekends at the lake, weeks in the Outer Banks, holidays and "porch parties".   To this day, he's the only boy that has ever consistently been allowed to spend the night at my parent's house.

My favorite thing about this guy is his intense overprotection of my little sisters.  He was born 6 months after my youngest sister but that doesn't seem to matter much these days as he towers over both of them by about a foot.  I love that he doesn't think twice about sticking up for them and I'm content knowing he's with them when they're out and about.

Cole, I love you kid!  Thanks for being a good sport and I'm glad I could teach you about GQ :)

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