Friday Friend (and a squishy newborn): Bethany

Best friend isn't exactly an appropriate term for her. 

She's more like......a friend soul mate. 

She is the friend that you talk to every day (sometimes multiple times a day).  She is also the friend you may not talk to for 3 weeks because life gets in the way.  She is the friend that never asks why you haven't spoken for 3 weeks.....if something is wrong, she knows you'll tell her.  She is the friend that you go grocery shopping with and have the time of your life.  She is the friend that you laugh so hard with, your face literally aches.  She is the friend you will cry over when you move 800 miles away because, well.....who will you go grocery shopping with?  She is your own private book club.  She is the first friend you call when you welcome your baby boy into the world....even if it is 3am.  She is the friend you analyze blood tests and fertility results with when you both discover that getting pregnant isn't quite as easy as it seems for a young, healthy woman.  She is the friend that, at age 22, your professor threatens to "separate you" from if you don't stop talking during class.  She is the friend that buys mac n cheese for the ragged looking father counting his change in the Wal Mart line, then calls you to tell you that all those problems she cried to you about this morning really aren't that bad after all.

She is the friend that is somehow perfectly imperfect.

Last week, I finally got to meet my very best friend's baby girl who decided to make her grand appearance 3 weeks early.  She came out pink, healthy and screaming while I rejoiced, cried (happy tears!), and said a prayer from 800 miles away.  Then I panicked as I realized that my plane tickets were scheduled for her due date and she would be 3 weeks old by the time I got there to do her newborn pictures (this is ancient for newborn photography!!).  All my worries were for nothing as she was an absolute angel during her session.  The best part of it?  Her beautiful Mama and I sitting on the floor, sshh-ing her and adjusting backdrops all while catching up, gossiping and repeatedly saying "can you believe we have children??".  Oh how I miss simply talking to you face to face Bethany!!!  I miss you and love you like no other.  Now grab a ginormous glass of water and enjoy your preview!

Oh how I love me some squishy lips and milk bumps!!

Daddy was at work for the first half of Kinsley's session.  Can you see her telling on me with her eyes?  "And then they wrapped me up and put this head band on me, it was awful Daddy!"

One of my favorite things about newborn sessions is the look of complete and utter love on a new mommy & daddy's faces.  Seeing that look on my best friend's face almost made my heart burst with happiness <3

I think it's safe to say she has Daddy wrapped around her finger already....

Sweet little Kinsley, you have no idea how lucky you are to have these two people as your parents.  To the H family, congratulations!  I could not be happier for you!!!!


  1. Oh how I love this family, these pictures and this blog!!! When the misty eyes clear I will probably revisit it and enjoy it even more! ;) Love the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. These are so wonderful!! I was wondering if I could have permission to paint one or more of them? (This is my granddaughter) I absolutely would want to paint such a cute baby! Can't wait to see the rest!!!

  3. Oh Heather, these are beautiful. I absolutely love that you had the privilege of giving this gift to your best friend - now I want mine to have another baby so I can do the same!!!

  4. I love these! I have looked at them atleast 50 times today! You are an amazing friend and photographer! I am so thankful I made you sit by me in English and we became friends! I love you! <3
    I get teary eyed everytime I see them and cannot wait to see the rest!