A New Beginning

By now, you've all seen the new name and logo and I'll give you an explanation as to why it changed in a second.  But first things first, don't you just love it?!?!?!?

 Me too :)

Late last week I was made aware that my company's name "A Work of Hart Photography" was in violation of another photographer's trademark.  This was obviously not intended.  My company's name was inspired elsewhere with a play on my maiden name, Hart.  As soon as I researched Trademark laws, I took down my blog and anything that had my logo on it.  While this was heartbreaking and costly, not to mention time consuming, it had to be done.  Laws are in place for a reason and it was my own fault for not being fully aware of Trademark laws.  (PS - any of you owning a business, if your name is not Trademarked...go do it, seriously!).

I cried to my husband, to my mom, to my best friend in FL, to my photog partner in crime, anyone who would listen.  We began brainstorming, bouncing (some pretty horrible) possible names off of one another.  Nothing felt right...nothing.  When googled, at least 6 Heather Hart Photography pages popped up.  And while none of them were Trademarked (ahem, ladies!), I wanted to be different, unique - I wanted my company's name to be the only one that popped up when Googled!!!  Is that too much to ask??  I was at a loss for ideas and completely devastated.

Then, right before I fell asleep, I had a light bulb!  When I was pregnant, we chose to be surprised with the baby's gender at birth.  We had a boy's and girl's name chosen.  I obviously got to use my boy's name.....but...who knew if I'd ever get to use my girl's name?  The name I went through countless baby books to find, the name I was madly in love with?  What if I had a herd of boys?  I shook Gary awake and told him my idea.  Then said with a satisfactory sigh, "Hartleigh Jane Photography". 

Gary looked at me quizically and said "I thought we were naming her Hartleigh Noelle?" 

"Uh....yea....that was only if she was born within a few days of Christmas....I just didn't run it by you" I answered.

Gary then did what Gary does, he started being all logical and firing questions at me.  Isn't it weird to name your company after...well...no one?  Don't you think people will ask about the name and who you named it after?  That'll be a long story to tell.  What if we do have a girl one day?

No, it's my company and I can name it whatever I like.  I love to talk (see this post) so I will love to tell the long story every time someone asks about the name.  And (friends and family please note!!) if I do have a girl, I'm still naming her this.  It's the coolest name...ever.  Her siblings will just have to get over the fact that I named my company after their sister.

Done and done!  Now that you've heard my (long) story, welcome to Hartleigh Jane Photography <3

Thanks to everyone for being patient and sticking with me.  Thanks Gary for your logic.  Thanks Becca for ALL of your help rebranding!!  And thanks Mom for "I don't care what time of year you have her, I still like Noelle".

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