When I was pregnant with my son, I heard more advice and personal horror stories than I care to mention. For some reason, people see your protruding midsection and feel the need to unload on you every piece of information they can recall from their own pregnancies. You are told how hard it will be, how you will never sleep again, laboring nightmares, you get the idea. However, no one tells you about the amazing parts of motherhood. No one tells you that while all those things I listed above are going to happen, you just don't care because you love your child that much. That being said, I've been writing down some random thoughts on motherhood for the last couple of months.  To me, they define motherhood.  They are things that you never thought would happen to you, yet fit perfectly into your life without you ever thinking twice. Enjoy :)

Motherhood is:

.....sleeping on the outer 1/16 of the bed because your toddler had a nightmare and apparently prefers to sleep horizontally between you and your husband's heads....

.....never using the bathroom in peace....ever again

.....accepting kisses no matter how sloppy and dirty that little face is

......multitasking...like, big time

......accepting the fact that your planner will always have some form of Crayola product all over the inside, which in turn means accepting the fact that you will sometimes let out an involuntary giggle at a client meeting

......having your child drive you crazy all day only to miss them the second you get home from dropping them off at Grandma's

.....suddenly realizing that someone is watching EVERYTHING you do - and will most likely mimic it....in public

.....knowing your co-workers are probably sick of your cell phone videos yet you hear yourself saying "just watch this real quick, he does this soooo cute"

.....laboring for 22 hours, pushing for 3 and swearing you would do it 1,000,000 more times if it means that little piece of perfection in your arms is healthy and safe

.....learning to live with anxiety and fear in your heart 24 hours a day simply because something you love that much exists

.....feeling your heart leap a little when they come to you first in a crowded room

.....knowing that when he stands in front of his book shelf saying "ooh ooh, ah ah" it means he wants to read Mommy's Best Kisses because there's a monkey in the pages

.....secretly loving that his favorite book is a book about his Mommy....

.....never knowing your heart could love this much

I hope you all have an amazing Mother's Day.  To my own Mama, I love you like crazy.  Thank you for teaching me how to be the Mom that I am.  I'm saving a post on you for another day :)


My favorite pic of all of my little man's 16 months:

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