Old Friends

Before I start this post, I should explain that I do have clients other than my friends.  You wouldn't think so based on my blog posts, right?  It's just been a coincidence that I've had lots of old friends in need of pictures lately.  Personally, I love it.  Seriously, who wouldn't??  I get to do something I love while hanging out and catching up with old friends!!

I've known Harry and Payton since middle school.  They started dating in high school and are yet another one of my couple friends that has been together for 10+ years.  I've got some pretty loyal friends, huh?  We lost touch after high school and through the miracle that is Facebook, we were able to reconnect.  I wasn't surprised to find that they had gotten married and now had a beautiful daughter.

After a couple of reschedules due to rain and the Caps' playoff hopes (yes, we rescheduled for a Caps game - Harry's idea and I readily agreed), we were finally able to get together this past weekend.  The rain held off just long enough for us to get in a full session!

Harry and Payton - it was SO great to see you guys again.  Your little family is beyond beautiful and I couldn't be happier for you!!!  Enjoy your sneak peek!!

Any time I needed a laugh out of little miss, I simply called for Daddy - he definitely knew how to bring a smile to her face :)

I love to end a blog post with my favorite from a session:

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