Friday Friend Feature: Kellie

I moved to Virginia the summer after I turned 7.  Having no friends, I was more than a little excited when my mother told me there was a girl close to my age at the neighborhood daycare I would be going to.  I met Kellie the next day and I'm pretty sure it only took about 2 days for us to become inseperable.

Kellie lived on the opposite side of our neighborhood so our time was mostly limited to fun at the daycare and whenever our parents felt like getting us together.  However, when we were 8 years old, Kellie's parents bought the house behind ours.  This took "inseperable" to new heights.  It got so bad, that there was literally a tiny little dirt path worn between our two houses.  Our parents, tired of seeing us fall over the fence (we were skinny little girls!!), put a gate into the fence that seperated our two backyards.  When we'd stay at each other's houses after dark, one would stand on their deck and the other would yell back as soon as she got to hers, (our backyards were a bit scary at night).  Seriously, could two friends have had it any better??

We bonded over lost teeth, (then braces), our mutual love for Kraft Mac N Cheese, and our mutual obsession with NKOTB.  Together, we welcomed new siblings into our families and said good bye to beloved pets (a running total of 5 birds, 4 dogs, and countless fish).  We've whispered countless nights about boys, our parents, our brothers and sisters, the future, and just life in general.....  We've also shared countless firsts from our first concert (yes, it was Billy Ray Cyrus and no, I'm not ashamed), to our first time driving alone (to this day her driving scares me).  I'm so happy and proud that we're now sharing another first: babies :)

Kellie and Casey's little princess will arrive this summer and I am BEYOND excited.  Not just to meet her but to see what amazing parents they're going to be.  Casey is more involved than any father to be I have ever met (and that's saying a lot coming from an OB nurse).  They bought a mini-van in Kellie's first trimester and spent one whole Saturday night "belly painting" a couple of weeks ago.  If that's any indication of the type of parents they're going to be, I think their little girl is going to be in great hands.

I had the honor of getting this beautiful mama to be and her gorgeous bump in front of my lens last week and it was all I could do to wait for this Friday's Friend Feature to show them off.

Casey and Kellie, enjoy your sneak peek!!

So, I bought some hot pink gerber daisies for this session - COMPLETE coincidence that Kellie showed up in this hot pink shirt - great minds thinks alike ;)

As I'm taking pictures of Kellie - I hear Casey snickering behind me.  We've been friends long enough that I turned around (with a bit of an attitude), and asked what exactly he was laughing at!  He smiles and says, "I just love the bump, I'm obsessed with the bump".  How cute is that?  Sorry for the attitude Casey!

In 7th grade, Kellie and I were discussing the boys in our class as only 7th grade girls can and I casually said "What about Casey?"  "Nah" Kellie said, "he's funny but he's so skinny!"  Kellie paid a little more attention to Casey when he started to fill out Freshman year :)  When they got married last September, they had been together for 15 years.  I wish I had a whole blog post I could devote to their love story!!!

If there's anything Casey's good at, it's making Kellie laugh.

Not a plug for my favorite store, their baby girls initials <3

Is she gorgeous or what??

I've had this idea for a while but haven't had a maternity client in some time.  So, I was ECSTATIC I finally got to try it!  This is definitely my all time favorite picture from this session!!

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