Letters to my son: 16 months

Sometimes, the day just sneaks up and passes by without me stopping to think:  he's one more month older today.  But this month, I saw it on the calendar, and I remembered.  When the waitress at the restaurant smiled at you and asked how old you are, I proudly said "He's 16 months today, actually"

It won't be too much longer and I'll be measuring your age by years, not months.  Wasn't it just yesterday that I was measuring in WEEKS??

Usually, when the day comes and passes, I'm a little sad - time is going by faster than I'd like and I want to stop it and freeze you at this moment.  But this month, I realized.....I want to stop time at EVERY moment.  If I stopped time yesterday, I wouldn't have heard you say "horsie" today and then watch you proceed to brush your rocking horse's teeth.  If I stopped time yesterday, I wouldn't have seen you try to do jumping jacks and run in place next to your Daddy while he worked out. If I stopped time yesterday, I wouldn't have heard you count "one, two, free, foot, set" as we walked up the stairs (apparently 5 is not very important to you).  And most of all, if I stopped time yesterday, I wouldn't have felt you wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me all over my face, only to dissolve into giggles when you were done.

So, today, instead of being a little sad and nostalgic, I'm going to enjoy every little thing you do and look forward to the next day and the new things you'll do then.

hug and kisses,


Pictures of you at 16 months <3

At first I was so sad that I couldn't get you to sit still for this picture, it was so perfect - a random 16 on a brick wall AND i had my camera.....but now I think it's ok because this is SO you - can't be still for longer than 5 seconds...... 

You are such a climber, you will literally climb anything that is more than 1 inch off of the ground..

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