Friday Friend Feature: Becca

I had an unexpected 10 day break from the internet a couple of weeks ago.  While I initially had a mild panic attack, (complete with dramatic crying and "my clients will never understand" whining to my mother), it proved to be very good for me, my family and my business (more on that later).  It turns out I needed that little break to get my creative juices flowing. 

One of the products of this unexpected creative break is the "Friday Friend Feature" on the blog.  You see, I have some pretty amazing friends.  Argue if you will, but I maintain that I have the best friends in the world.  Coincidentally, many of these friends have contacted me lately for family, maternity, and newborn pics.  What better way to show them off on the blog than by telling some fun stories?  I haven't decided how often I will do this - every Friday seems a bit much, and while I feel like I have a lot of friends, um.....I definitely don't have enough to do a Feature EVERY Friday!  So, that being said, enjoy the FIRST EVER Friday Friend Feature and stay tuned for more!!

Today's feature is none other than the fantabulous Rebecca "Becca" Watkins.  Back in September, I had a surprise birthday party for my husband.  I invited a LOT of people and some I had never even met (co-workers for the most part).  While I was running around like a maniac putting the finishing touches on everything, I noticed a guy looking at all of the pictures on our walls.  About 20 minutes later, he introduced himself as one of Gary's coworkers and proceeded to tell me that his girlfriend was also a photographer and we should get together some time.  The next day I had a friend request from her on Facebook and the rest is history.

Becca and I began to email, text and FB each other like we'd been friends forever.  I got my first chance to work with her when I asked her to tag along on one of my engagement sessions.  Again, I felt like I had known her forever.  I was so surprised at how easy it was to work with her!  She is fun, easy going and obviously awesome at what she does.  Her IT knowledge and self proclaimed "gear head" status complemented my artsy creativity and complete LACK of IT know-how.  And when I say IT knowledge, I mean she should pretty much be named my personal IT department.  I can't tell you how many times she has helped me or taught me something new in the last few months.  My typical response to the many things she's taught me?  "Do you have any idea how much time you just saved me?". 

We have many future projects planned and I am beyond thrilled to be working with her.  While waiting for our bride and groom last month we played with the light and snapped a few pics of each other to try a few new things.  (2 photographers left alone + amazing light and texture = more headshots than you know what to do with).

How gorgeous is she??  Because of her general awesomeness, I have decided to forgive her for being a Nikon girl.......the fact that she is a Cowboys fan has yet to be addressed.  I've let it go for now because she's also a die hard Caps fan <3

The site we were at had these amazing floor to ceiling mirrors....had to have a little fun :)

I call this Becca's "it's starting to rain - where is our Bride?" face.

Please check out Becca's website and blog here and leave her some love!

Have a great Friday!!

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