Gorgeous spring evening?  Check.  Golden, sunlit fields?  Yes please!  Golden haired, gorgeous family?  Yes and yes!! 

I was on a pure photographer's high this past weekend after I met with (yet another) one of my oldest friends for an inspiring little family session.  Rachel is also a photographer and when she contacted me about doing a family session, she had the same complaint many photographers do when it comes to family pictures: "we have a ton of family pictures.....minus me".  So, we set up a date and she relinquished her position behind the lens for one gorgeous evening.

Thank you Rach, for letting me capture your stunningly beautiful family.  Try not to let another 3 years pass before your next family portraits, ok?  Enjoy your sneak peek!!

See?  I wasn't exaggerating when I said stunningly beautiful, was I?

I don't know if these two are so good at the "serious" face because Rachel is a photographer or well....they're just that good?  Either way.....this next image has fierce written all over it.

Love the hair, love the freckles, LOVE this family!!

One of my absolute favorites:

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