Taylor Swift's voice floated to us from her IPOD in the middle of the table, there were Chic Fil A remnants scattered around us, she leaned over and said, "Will you do my make up?"

I casually said "yea, sure" even though my heart was bursting.  Bursting a little with excitement for her,  a little with happiness just because I love hanging out with her, and a little with nostalgia for the tiny 6 year old girl who leaned over and asked me the same thing on my own prom night.

She is my baby sister, and she's pretty amazing.  She also has some amazing friends.  It's been an honor to watch them grow and change these last 4 years.  If there's anything I can tell you about these girls, its that they're going places.  Like, big places.  They have dreams, they have brains and they have determination.  They are kind, generous and can win you over with one little smile.  Some of them have faced adversity and challenges that some people never see.  And you know what?  At the tender young age of 18, they've overcome. They. Are. Unstoppable.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for all of them.

Girls, (and guys), enjoy your sneak peek :)

Thanks Mom for snapping this one.....there might be a future in photography for you....

Yes, she's my baby sister....yes, she's gorgeous!

Kyle wins boyfriend of the year simply for putting up with all of my "now look at me, smile, now don't smile".  Kyle, thank you for being such a good sport!!!!  Carlie, he's a keeper!

 Do you LOVE these invitations??

Words to live by, wise choice Kelly

  One of my favorite things about Carlie's friends?  Their ability to always make her laugh.

Oh Roya, I don't....I just.....wow...love you girl!

Congrats to my hubby's BFF, Katie for winning Prom Queen!!

I'm in love with the back of Rachel's dress!!

These next two are definitely my favorites!

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