Buttercups & Daisies: Miss E at 6 months

Can I begin by telling you how much I adore my clients?  Not just my sweet little ones like the one you're about to see but their oh so patient and calm parents?  This mama and I had to reschedule multiple times for multiple reasons.  Weather, sunburn, weather, weather again....you get the idea.  So, imagine how excited I was to wake up on the morning of our most recent reschedule to clear, blue skies and a balmy 75 degrees.  Yes, that was me you just imagined giggling while peering out the curtains of my bedroom.  Now.....try to imagine how not so excited I was to be driving to this session later that day with a black sky on one side of me and the aforementioned clear sky on the other side.....NO JOKE.  IT WAS GOING TO RAIN. 

"Maybe....just maybe.." I started to think, "we can do this in the 20 min we may have before the sky lets loose".  Wishful thinking, yes but a girl can dream.

I should have known from my previous experience with this little angel (during her newborn session) that my thinking was more realistic than I had hoped.

I pulled into the parking lot, her Mama whisked her out of her car seat, woke her up (yes! she literally woke up 10 min prior to these giggly images), changed her and we began shooting.  20 minutes later we were done.....and not because of the rain.  She smiled and laughed through 3 outfit changes, 4 prop changes, and 3 location changes.  As I said "I think we covered everything!!" we saw the first flash of lightening.  Not 2 minutes later as we were pulling out of the parking lot, the sky TORE OPEN.  Luck, fate, karma, someone watching over us?  Who knows!  As I pulled over to let the downpour pass, I said a little prayer of thanks for my patient clients, beautiful babies, and the color yellow.

Love these chubby toes <3

I can fly!

The only thing I love more than chubby toes?  Chubby fingers!!

As always, I'll end with my favorite.....

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