Katie & Nick: Washington, DC Engagement

There's something about DC at sunrise that makes living in this area enjoyable.  If you've ever seen the sun come up over the Jefferson, the traffic and overpopulation suddenly don't seem so bad. The Monument and Memorials are peaceful, serene almost, and aside from the random jogger and group of cyclists, (and usually another photographer or two), you can walk around, never bumping into anyone, and never having to say excuse me.

I loved my time in DC with Katie and Nick.  Engagement sessions are such a great time for me to get to know my couples and to let them practice for their big day in front of my camera.  Katie and Nick were no different.  I loved learning so much more about them, (like Katie's frantic fear of squirrels!) and their love story. Nick is an expert at making her laugh (especially when I put him on the spot to do so!), and Katie stole my heart with her scrunched-nose laugh and sheepish sidelong glances towards her love.  To say I'm looking forward to their October wedding would be an understatement!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session!

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