just an old shirt

It sits in your drawer but, we both know I'm the only one that wears it.  Its old and beginning to fray where the sleeves were cut off so many years ago.  You smirk when I pull it out and slip it on and I know you think it's funny that I still wear it after all these years.

It's just an old shirt.  But it's the first shirt you lent me when we got caught in a spring rain storm on campus.  I made fun of you for the cut off sleeves and you protested that 2 a days were a bit easier in a sleeveless shirt.

Much to your dismay, it also made an appearance on our honeymoon.  Nothing felt better on my red hot sunburn than that old, worn out cotton.

Most nights, it was the only thing that comfortably covered my belly, 9 months swollen with our sweet baby boy.  And even though it was mid December, those old cut off sleeves kept me from turning the AC on.

Yes, it's just an old shirt but it reminds me of us.  It reminds me of a 19 year old girl, a little lost, wandering and not quite sure what she was doing next.  It reminds me of a goofy, big hearted frat boy that took her hand and stayed by her side while she figured it out.

Thanks for staying with me while I found......me.  Thanks for pushing me to be what I am today.  Thanks for the days when you thank me profusely for the kitchen being clean when we both know it's the only clean room in the house. 

And thanks for that old shirt.

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