Keep in Mind

I've been dreading August 24th all summer.  BOTH of my baby sisters leave for college, one entering her Freshman year, one entering her Senior year.  The only comfort I have is that they'll be together.  I've tried to write this post for the last 3 weeks and I get too choked up every time.  There's too much to say and not enough words to say it. 

Then, I heard this song yesterday and it stopped me in my tracks.  In lieu of a post, I'll just leave you with the lyrics.

Keep in mind
As you head out in that cold
Don't forget to take your coat
TV's sayin snow
Keep in mind
That old car of yours
Ain't no good on slippery roads
And I won't sleep a wink

With you out there all alone

So keep in mind

I'll be waitin on a call
In this little house you grew up in
When your world was safe and small
Ease my mind
With the sound of your voice
Let me know no matter where you are
However far
Your home is still your home

There's angels all around you
Keep in mind
We're always thinkin about you
Keep in mind
We know you're gonna make it
But before you leave and spread your wings
I hope you take these things

The family and the friends who prayed
Who cried and watched you drive away
Askin God to please keep you in mind

Keep in mind

I know those dreams you're tryin to chase
You want 'em now but they won't wait
Last thing you're thinkin about
Is slowin it down
And the ones you left behind
But I'm always thinkin of you
Cause when somebody loves you
That's what they do
All of the time

So keep in mind

Lyrics from Locash Cowboys, "Keep in Mind".

A special thanks to our Papa for keeping such detailed notes of us growing up and taking SO many pictures.

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  1. Heather,

    I love the post!! It brought tears to my eyes. It takes me back to yesterday when we were all growing up and I remember when they were that small. They have grown as we have grown and they both are more beautiful than ever!! Love you all!!