Friday Friends: Nic & Whit

We parked on the same road just off of A1A where we used to bar hop the beach, shutting a different one down most nights of the week (ahhh, college, how I miss you).  The same place we parked when we celebrated many 21st birthdays, the same place we parked when my husband took me on our first date, the same place Nic parked the night he met Whitney, and tonight?  The same place we parked as we took our two little families to the beach.

So much has changed in the time we've known each other but for some reason it didn't hit me just how much had changed until we parked and set foot on that beach.  Flashes of Nic on his 21st birthday saying to me "this is my friend Gary"; Nic standing up beside Gary on our wedding day; Gary telling me "Nic thinks he met the one" and then telling me about Whitney; Gary nervously pacing before his Best Man speech on the day Nic married Whitney; Whitney laughing as Gary and I (with a very round, pregnant belly) danced at their wedding;  Nic calling Gary, his voice catching as he said "she's here, and she's perfect" on the day his daughter was born; and now?  Us walking those familiar wooden planks to the sand.....babies in tow, laughing over the latest diaper mishap or someone's temper tantrum.

We talked about getting ice cream as the kids played in the sand and played with the balloons.  As the sun set, both kids got cranky and we scrapped our ice creams plans as it was already past their bed times.  Whitney laughed and said "oh well!  Gone are the days...."  I laughed with her and thought "yes, yes they are".  But each day seems to be better than the last and it's pretty amazing to have friends like these to share them with......

Nic & Whitney, enjoy your preview!  We miss you already and can't wait to get back down there again!  Hugs and kisses from VA!

I don't even know what to say about this next one....her expression is priceless!!


  1. Beautiful!! Love these beach pictures!

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