Capitol Engagement: Andrew & Alyssa

Destiny is defined as an inevitable fate, a predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human power or control.  This easily describes Andrew and Alyssa's paths toward one another for the last 29 years.

While at a Washington Nationals game with a girlfriend, Alyssa spotted Andrew while self admittedly "man shopping".  She pointed him out to her friend but the size of the group he was with deterred her from approaching him.  Later, when her friend realized Andrew was in front of them in the concession line, she wasted no time striking up a conversation and introduced herself and Alyssa.  They soon discovered they had gone to the same college, and knew many of the same people but had obviously never met each other.  When their conversation came to an end, they made plans to get together and exchanged phone numbers.

Over the next few weeks, they became inseperable and soon decided it was time to meet the family.  As Alyssa told her family a few things about Andrew, his name and where he worked (his father's metal fabrication shop) among other things, her father began to pepper her with questions......very specific questions.

Later that day Andrew recieved a phone call from Alyssa, "I have something to tell you about our parents" she told him.

Andrew says, "I immediately thought 'we're related.....I should go brush my teeth'."

Much to his joy, they were obviously NOT related but it turned out their parents had been old friends back when they were babies and had simply lost touch over the years.  When they finally did meet each other's parents, each set was armed with baby photos of the two of them together and with each other's parents.

You see?  An ineveitable fate......

Andrew proposed to Alyssa at the very tip top of the United States Capitol.  Literally....the only thing above them when they stepped outside on the tiny rotunda balcony was the Freedom statue (I'm still not sure what strings he pulled to get that kind of clearance).  So, when they suggested the Capitol as the site for their engagement session, I couldn't say yes fast enough.

Andrew and Alyssa, enjoy your sneak peek!!

Alyssa, you are too gorgeous for words!

One thing I love about these two?  They are always laughing!  It's seriously infectious!

Can you imagine being proposed to at the very top of that???  Alyssa said the security guard had to call out and let them know they were about to walk out!  Apparently snipers don't take well to people climing all over the Capitol..... 

For a couple of weeks before our session, Andrew repeatedly whined that he hated having his picture taken and how much he was dreading this.  I was expecting the worst.  After the first 5 minutes, he was a natural......I think he was even secretly enjoying it by the time we were done...

I couldn't get over how comfortable these two were in front of the camera.  Then I realized, it had nothing to do with being in front of the camera, they were simply that comfortable with each other.  You could see it in every move, every gesture, every kiss.....

Oh Andrew!  Does she give you those eyes all the time??  Are you ever able to say no to her?!? 

Yes, they're dancing....all by themselves....without being asked.  This is what I got when I looked up from changing lenses.  They're just that in love <3

 Quick history fact: the columns in the picture to the lower left and in the dancing picture earlier in the post are the original columns from the Capitol when Lincoln was in administration.  We thought we'd cover every aspect of the Capitol possible ;)

Normally I say "ending with a favorite" but these were all favorites.  I know it's an incredibly long post but I couldn't help but share.  So, I'm ending with one of my many favorites! 

Andrew and Alyssa, I can't thank you enough for simply being you.  You were a dream to work with and I absolutely cannot wait for your wedding in October!!  I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!!


  1. These are fabulous, Heather!! And you are right, she is gorgeous! Way to go, Andrew!

  2. We absolutely love our pictures!! Thank you so much, Heather! You were so wonderful to work with, even getting Andrew to believe he missed his calling as a model. We are looking forward to October and more gorgeous photos!!