John & Beth: Dumfries, VA Engagement

One of my favorite parts of this job is working with friends.  It's kind of amazing to witness and document your friends in love, professing their love, growing bellies and new babies.  12 or 13 years ago,  if you had told me I'd be photographing Beth's engagement and wedding, I probably would have laughed in your face.  If you had told me that Beth would be marrying one of our WSHS classmates, I would never have believed it.  But, 2 weeks ago, that's where we found ourselves:  Beth and John, being gorgeous and crazy in love, and me following them around, snapping away.  

While we played worked, I finally got to hear how they reconnected after high school, how John was in New York, and remembering that Beth had moved there, he looked her up online and emailed her.  Unfortunately, the week before, Beth had moved back to VA.  Regardless of the distance, they decided to meet up for a Broadway show the following week.  And, as they say, the rest is history.  They dated long distance for over a year and then Beth was able to land a job in L.A. and move with John while he pursued a career in acting.  Just when Beth was starting to question whether she would ever see John on one knee, he caught her off guard at the end of their Paris vacation and asked her to marry him.  

After they rocked their engagement session, I am most definitely counting down the days to their August wedding.  

For now, enjoy their sneak peek!!

Can you believe Beth was actually nervous about having her picture taken?!?  Crazy girl is a natural!!

I love the way John makes Beth laugh.  I think he'd agree with me that anyone with a smile like hers should be laughing all day.

We got some gorgeous, golden sunlight at the end of the session, this is definitely one of my favorites!

Hair & Make-Up  I  Erin Ashton Garcia
Dress  I  Ann Taylor

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  1. Beth & John, You are beautiful! God bless you both and congratulations. Sue