I participated in Black Friday for the first (and last) time 6 years ago.  Gary and I waited outside the Target in Daytona at 4am, got our goods then huffed over to Wal Mart for their 5am "unveilings".  (Yes, this was before stores opened at midnight)  Why was that our last time you ask?  Because we almost lost our lives when Wal Mart unveiled their turkey fryers.  Stampedes of women raced through the aisles and as Gary grabbed my arm and yanked me out of their path, I looked into the distance to see bits of the brown paper that had covered the fryers, flying through the air.  If it weren't for Gary's awesome ninja skills, you wouldn't be reading this.  Either because I'd have no limbs or because I flat out wouldn't be here.

But this year, I decided I couldn't let Target and Wal Mart have all of the fun :)  That brings us to the BLACK FRIDAY 1/2 PRICED SESSION SALE!!  For the next 24 hours, sessions will be priced at $75!!!  Get excited folks, seriously.

Let me go over some fine print before I tell you how to purchase:

- These are for 2012 sessions only.  Your HJP gift card will be good from 1/1/12 until 11/18/12.
- Pleeeeaase schedule as far in advance as possible!  I will not be held liable if you call me one week before it expires and I can't fit you in.
- Sessions may include: couples, newborns, maternity, high school seniors, children or families (up to 4 people, $25 per person after 4).
- Gift card is ONLY good for the session fee.  This does not include any prints or digitial files.
- I will be in Jacksonville, FL and East Hampton, NY in 2012.  I will offer 5 sessions for each of these locations.

This is how you purchase:

You must email hartleighjane@gmail.com with your name, home address and phone number.  I will reply to your email with a link for payment.  I am only taking the FIRST 25 EMAILS.  That's right, just like you have to scramble for your turkey fryer and put people's lives at risk because there's only 10, I am only offering 25 half priced sessions.  Your payment is due within 24 HOURS, NO exceptions.

I will also be offering 10% off of wedding packages from now until Monday 11/28/11.  Please email me for details!


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