Jamie & Alex: Charleston, WV Wedding

This couple has been incredibly patient waiting for their sneak peek so I won't waste time with a lot of words (plus, it's already going to be a ridiculously long post so please prepare yourselves!!).

Jamie and I have worked together for a few years now (at my other job) and I was more than honored when she and Alex asked me to travel to their hometown of Charleston, WV to shoot their big day.  I got to work with the fabulous Mandi White as my second shooter and fell a little bit in love with the small town feel of Charleston.

Jamie and Alex, thank you so much for choosing me to document your special day!  Enjoy your preview!!

I had never seen or heard of this before and fell instantly in love.  The ring bearer's pillow is made from real flowers!  More florists should offer this option, it's such a great idea and looks so good with all of the bouquets!!

Alex's wedding gift to Jamie was this gorgeous Louis Vuitton bag.  After she opened I joked that she could walk down the aisle with that as opposed to her bouquet........well maybe I wasn't really joking.....

Yes, they're in the middle of the street with cars whizzing around them because my 2nd shooter is that awesome!

Love these guys.....

I had to run into the street in between red lights to get these next few shots (can we pause for a moment and talk about how AWESOME this wall is?!?) and at one point a police officer pulled up and turned his lights on.  Groaning inwardly, I imagined blogging about how I was ticketed for this shot.  However, this fine gentleman was merely blocking the road so I could get my shot!!!  Charleston, I simply love you!!

I love everything about this picture.  If we all danced like this at weddings, how could anyone EVER have less than an amazing time?!?!

I normally don't post many reception shots but this dance floor was pretty much packed all night long with the funniest people!  Jamie and Alex, your friends and family know how to have fun!!


  1. gorgeous wedding my friend! loving that green color and the ring pillow? amazing. see you in march! xo

  2. These are simply amazing! I loved every shot!