Girls & Curls

She moved to our neighborhood in June of 1995 and proceeded to take the neighborhood and our 8th grade class by storm.  Boys' heads turned, girls wanted to be her friend, even the parents loved her.  It was and is quite easy to see why.  She's kind, funny, smart, beautiful and just overall....well, magnetic.

She quickly became one of my closest friends.  Come on, how often does someone move in down the street that your parents love and you actually think is cool?!?  My requests to stay out after the streetlights came on were now often answered with "well, I guess if Amanda's with you....".

One of those neighborhood boys with a swivel for a neck was Tony.  Lucky for him, Amanda thought he was pretty cute, too.  He started making excuses to walk his dog Tessa down Amanda's street and they would sit on her front porch "and talk for hours" she says.  September of 1996 saw Tony escorting Amanda to the school Homecoming dance and the beginning of a 15 year love affair which eventually led to marriage and 4 stunningly beautiful daughters.  At the time, none of us saw that happening, we were just in awe that Amanda was going to Homecoming with an older boy.  And yes, I said 4 daughters!

When Amanda emailed me and said they "hadn't had a family picture in a while" it was all I could do not to jump through the computer and hug her.  The chance to get one of my oldest friends and her amazing family in front of my lens?  Yes, please!!

They showed up in different shades of pink and brown, every one of them with gorgeously curled hair.  We talked about the "old days", talked about now, laughed, and I'm pretty sure we ganged up on Tony more than once (which I'm sure he's used to, living with 5 women).   In the end, we took some beautiful family pictures.

Amanda and Tony, I'm so proud to call you my friends.  I love your love story and cannot thank you enough for letting me document a small part of it.  Enjoy your sneak peek......

Her eyes are pretty in color but I loved this one in black and white:

Is he the luckiest guy in the world or what??

Lurrvve her hair!!  And the model face.....

What do you do when you keep getting the same, stiff "cheeeeesssse" smile?  Have Daddy make a wedgie joke....

Absolutely love them <3

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