DC Engagement: Jamie & Alex

When Alex told Jamie he had a work dinner that he needed her to attend with him, Jamie thought nothing of it.  Alex showed her emails confirming time, date, and location.  Again, Jamie thought nothing of it, just made a mental note of what she would wear and marked the date in her calendar.  When August 2nd arrived, they showed up at The W Hotel, but there were no co-workers in sight.  STILL, Jamie thought nothing of it.  Alex explained he recieved a text and the rest of the party was running late, "they said to grab a drink while we were waiting for them" he told her.  They were seated at a table overlooking the monuments and memorials of DC.  Alex began to tell Jamie how much she meant to him and how much he loved her.  "Stop it!  I'm getting all teary eyed and your friends will be here any minute!"  she said, still none the wiser.  That's when Alex pulled a small mahogony box from his coat, opened it and asked Jamie to marry him.

Jamie and Alex, I am giddy with excitement for your wedding in August.  You are an absolutely gorgeous couple and it's been a dream working with you.  Thank you for waking up before the sun and braving the freezing cold weather so that I could carry out a vision.  Enjoy your preview!

This next one is one of my all time favorites...not just of this session but of ALL TIME!!

One quick (and cold) outfit change and these two WORKED it - love these next ones!!

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a pair of legs like Jamie's!!  (I'm definitely hitting the gym tomorrow)

Seriously, you guys are too cute to handle - I CANNOT wait for you wedding!!  Another of my faves!

This is definitely Alex's GQ face - wouldn't you agree??

Thank you two again, you were amazing to work with!  I hope you enjoyed your preview!!

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